Here are a couple of recent updates applicable on some of our favorite apps today.


  1. Watch Party & Creator Studio Roll Out Globally

Both Facebook Watch and the Creator Studio are rolling out on a global basis. The Creator Studio is available through the Business Manager and allows users to manage their content and social presence for ALL Pages in one place. Do everything here from check your Page’s insights to make video publishing just a little easier. Facebook Watch launched a year ago in the US, and it compiles videos from Pages and creators that you follow into one place for users. Users will be notified if the Pages and creators they follow have new content available in the Watch tab, encouraging them to head over and view it. This places a bigger emphasis on video content, and it’s a good reminder to step up your video game if you haven’t already.

  1. Admins Can Now Pixel Groups

Groups have been growing importance and in popularity on Facebook as community building and the desire for valuable content both increase. Plenty of businesses (AdEspresso included) have their own exclusive groups to build relationships with and help their customers in some way. Now, thanks to a new update, Admins of groups with more than 250 members are going to be able to get real and quantifiable data about how their groups are driving specific actions. They’ll be able to track their groups with the help of a pixel and see information on user growth, in-group activity, and engagement with their websites. This will be a big enhancement on the data we get from groups, and being able to get on-platform insights about off-platform actions will make it just a little easier to determine how our groups are affecting our actual businesses.

  1. Facebook Snooze Is Here

As it exists now, the new Keyword Snooze feature allows users to temporarily hide posts by choosing keywords they don’t want to see. Only posts containing the exact word or phrase will be hidden from the user. Content from feeds, groups, and Pages containing the keyword will be hidden for 30 days. Facebook is serious about ensuring that users are only seeing content that they really want to see, so much so that they’re now letting them opt out of specific topics through keyword elimination. So far, Facebook has noticed two trends of keywords that are snoozed frequently. The first is “copy and paste,” to eliminate those awful somehow-go-viral posts that tell people they’ll find the love of their life or be violently murdered if they don’t share. The second is keywords that are seeing a sudden spike overall related to trending news. With this information at hand, the best bet to maximize reach is to create valuable content that users want to see and to not worry too much about big trends.


  1. Changes to Tweet Restrictions

As of this week, Twitter has lifted some restrictions that made it difficult to fit everything into 140 characters or less:

Media attachments like photos, GIFs, and videos no longer affect the character limit.

When you reply to a tweet, the Twitter handle of the person you’re responding to will not count toward your 140 characters.

Tweets that begin with a Twitter handle will now be seen by all followers. Previously, tweets that began with a Twitter handle could only be seen by people who follow both you and the Twitter user you were tagging in the tweet. Prior to this change, you had to add something in front of the Twitter handle (most people used a period) so that all followers could see it, which left you with one less character to use in your tweet.

  1. Verified Accounts

Twitter accounts with the blue badge show that it is a verified, authentic account in the public interest. The blue badge has been only given to accounts that represent people or businesses in entertainment, fashion, government and politics, religion, journalism and media, sports, or business. Now any Twitter user can apply for verification. You can request verification by filling out this form on Twitter’s website.  There are several requirements for verified accounts, which are described in detail on Twitter’s Help Center. The requirements include a verified phone number, email address, a bio, a profile and header photo, a birthday listed (for people, not businesses), a link to a website, and tweets set as public in your privacy settings. Twitter will review your application and let you know within a few days via email if your account is verified.

  1. Emojis in your Twitter profile

This update will help you add a little flair to your Twitter presence. Twitter now allows emojis in users profiles and bios. To add emojis, open the Twitter app on your phone, click the Me tab on the bottom, and then click the Edit profile button.

  1. More Comprehensive Anti-Harassment and Cyberbullying Features

One of the biggest complaints against Twitter is how easily harassment can spread on the network. Historically, tweets aimed at threatening or scaring individuals on Twitter have gone unfettered and caused a number of users to delete their accounts or even fear for their safety. Twitter has begun to respond to harassment and threats on the network with a series of features and services aimed a keeping people safe. These additions include:

Notification filtering: Users can specify which accounts they don’t want to receive notifications from. For example, you can filter out notifications from accounts without profile photos and with unverified email addresses.

Mute option: Users can mute specific keywords and phrases, and they can choose how long they don’t want to see that type of content.

Reporting transparency: Users now receive notifications when — and if — Twitter intervenes on an abuse report the user files.

Time-out: Users who are reported are sometimes temporarily put in “time-out” while Twitter investigates the report to prevent the further dissemination of abusive content.

Safe search: Machine-learning technology will prevent users from being served potentially abusive content when they search for tweets on the platform.

Hiding abusive tweets: Twitter has started identifying low-quality tweets from potentially abusive accounts so users see high-quality content first. The tweets will still be on Twitter — they’ll just be harder to find.

Preventing new abuse: Twitter has started preventing reported and flagged users from creating new accounts with the same contact information in an effort to prevent repeat offenders on the platform.


  1. Instagram Releases & Tests New Shopping Options

Instagram is now expanding the Shopping options available to brands with two new features.

Business profiles with product tagging can now tag products in their Stories.

This feature works exactly like traditional post tagging, so users will be familiar with the concept, but it gives you another avenue to increase sales. Even better, Stories aren’t affected by algorithms or declining reach, so this provides more reach and maximized ROI for your shoppable products on the platform.

Testing for Shopping in Stories started in June 2018, and the rollout is currently happening for businesses in 46 countries.

  1. More Information Available for Users

To help users better evaluate the authenticity of accounts with large audiences Instagram is rolling out a new “about this account” feature.If they want to learn more about you, users just need to go to your Profile, select the menu in the upper right corner (…) and then click “About This Account.”

  1. Expanded Security Settings

Instagram’s security has left something to be desired, with little-advanced security to offer legitimate protection for big brands. Now they’re working to change that. Soon, you’ll be able to use third-party authentication apps to log in to your Instagram accounts. These apps provide two-factor authentication, creating more secure ways to log in to your Instagram account so that the risk of hacking decreases significantly. Enabling two-factor authentication is easy. Head over to your Settings, and locate “Two-Factor Authentication” under the “Privacy and Security” section.

There you have it. I look forward to bringing you more new updates as the rollout.






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