Preparing for the big launch of your online store can be mind-boggling; especially when you reflect on the factors involved…how to beat the competition and make sales. Here’s an article that seeks to outline the key things you should consider before launching that store online.

  1. Keep Your Site Is Mobile Friendly

By the year 2016, mobile devices had taken over computers as the biggest source of online shopping. Today literally everyone shops online using their phones. The e-commerce share of online shoppers has since increased a great deal so much that having a standard website without a mobile optimization would be nothing but a backward investment for any business.

The benefits of making your website mobile – friendly are numerous. With mobile optimization, your online store becomes enhanced for user experience, faster download speed, high user engagement, improved SEO ranking, easy social media connectivity and more. There’s no better way to say it than “Keep site your online store mobile – friendly if you wish to boost sales, outreach, and user experience”

  1. Maximize Your Landing and Product Pages

When you think online stores you most often think landing page. This is the first page a visitor gets to see on clicking your link. Your home page plays a lead role in converting leads for your business, this is so because it influences the first impression every visitor leaves with.

Below are landing page optimization tips to help improve your conversions:

  • Place an offer up for grabs – discounts or giveaways.
  • Keep it simple and easy to navigate.
  • Use clauses like “Only 2 Left” “Limited Edition” to spur customers.
  • Include testimonials from other customers.
  • Make your call – to – action clear enough.
  • Employ an exit pop up – this only pops up (with a promo offer or advert) when visitors attempt to leave your page.
  1. Simplify Your Checkout Process

One factor that influences the buying decision of online shoppers is a site’s check out process. Often times visitors get discouraged and abandon their cart the moment they encounter any hiccups along this process. This is one point to consider before launching your store online, it’s important to test your checkout process and eradicate any bugs.

Importantly, you should do some trial orders to confirm your checkout cart is working with no hassles. Do ensure that your check out process includes cart summaries and extra value offers throughout. Remember to keep it flexible and simple so as to create the much-needed user experience for visitors.

  1. Include a Newsletter

A Newsletter is one highly effective element to factor into your online store. This is one sure way to have your visitors engaged and convert to buying customers even after they exit your page. To make it more exciting you can offer coupons and discounts, provide helpful information and create awareness for new products.

Simply add a subscribe button on your home page with a creative invitation to visitors to join your mailing list.

  1. Keep it Social Friendly

For the most part, online stores are connected to social media platforms. In this case, when you run social media campaigns, there should be a link that redirects participants to your page to find out more. Before you launch your online store, ensure to integrate your social media handles as it is relevant for networking. A robust social media presence would help to generate traffic for your store, so ensure your business has visibility on the platforms where your target audience socialize on.

  1. Have a Support or Backup Plan

We really cannot overemphasize this. It’s important to have a back up for your online store as regularly as possible. This is bound to save you from losing your visitors’ database in any case of security glitch. You may consider plugins like BackupBuddy and VaultPress as backup options for WordPress sites. This truly cannot be overlooked because your source of livelihood is at stake.

  1. Optimize for SEO

What is the essence of having a store online when no one knows about it? Of what value is an online store when customers are not aware your business even exists. Before you consider launching that store online you want to make sure that your investment pays off. You also want to ensure that your website ranks top when potential customers query any keywords related to your line of business.

Developing an SEO strategy that is streamlined to your business goals would fetch your online store the much-needed awareness and outreach it requires.


There are a thousand and one benefits in launching an online store. Along with these benefits are preparations and strategizing. Developing and maintaining an online store requires attention to details and technical know-how. Remember that you don’t always have to do it alone; you can outsource and delegate these responsibilities to get the best out of your investment.

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